Monthly Archives: July 2019

Another Free Craigslist 35′ Camper Find

I ended up finding another free camper trailer on Craigslist.

The lady I got it from said she tried to contact and give it to some local scrap yards but they would not take it.

She also said that she tried to give it to some scraper guy and he agree to come get it for $600!

Rustoleum Bed Lined My Entire Truck

So today I decided to Raptor line my entire truck. Its just bed liner made by Rustoleum but I think it looks great! Once it was dry I used the claw part of a hammer to see if I could scratch the finish off and to my surprise this stuff is tuff as nails! If you guys have an off road vehicle or just an older vehicle that needs alot of  body work you should consider using bed liner.

My After Market LEDS Are Defective!

So today I was in my local Harbor Freight and when I returned to my truck I found one of the after market led tail lights was missing the clear cover.

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