Monthly Archives: March 2019

Added 2 Inch Wheel Spacers

Here is the truck with 285/70/17 with 2 inch wheel spacers installed.




Single Stage Paint – Bright Green

Here is an interesting color that a uTuber painted his trucks this bright green.

Rust Repair Needed

Looks like I have some serious work to do on this truck of mine as soon as it gets warmer here in Michigan.

Yesterday I took it to the car wash and using a pressure washer decided to spray off all the salt that was covered over the truck from our winter here.

People That Are Introvert Have These Traits

Here is a video that I thought was interesting and it explains the traits of people known as introverts.

Portable Gasifier Paint Can Cook Stove

Here is an example of a Paint can gasifier cook stove. I was able to fry up 4 eggs and it burned for over an hour on only half a quart of wood pellets! Forget about rocket stoves they require too much baby sitting. Just build one of these add your bio-mass fuel and forget it. Then start cooking, boiling water, etc.

Old Abandoned Church In Michigan

Here is a walk through of an old abandoned church in Alpina Michigan. Is it haunted? Who knows but I did walk through because I love this type of old history and adventure.

DIY Pull Behind Mower Swisher – BrushHog

Here is a cool little project I was working on last year. I have since updated the design and will post a new video and pics when I get a chance.

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