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The Exhaust Guide

1. Exhaust Configurations 

There are three types of exhaust configurations that are available for the F150 series. These include Single In/Single Out (SISO), Single In/Dual Out (SIDO), and true duals. I’m going to cover all these setups and throw in some pro’s/con’s to help people make an informed decision.


A SISO configuration is the most basic setup that is available for the F150 series of trucks. All this setup is, is a Y-pipe exiting to a single intermediate pipe, then entering into a muffler with a single inlet, exiting the muffler through a single exit, and leaving the entire exhaust system by a single tailpipe.

I know this is kind of confusing, but hop underneath your completely stock truck, and the OEM exhaust system is a prime example of a SISO exhaust configuration.

Stripping Paint From Hood Scoop

So this didn’t go so well. I used the Krylon brand multi-purpose spray paint first, then tried to paint over it with the original factory forest green paint from Ford and it did nothing but peel and crack! This hook scoop is turning out to be more hassle then it’s worth.

1967 Shasta Camper (Clone) Project

A couple of years ago I picked up this tiny 12-foot Shasta camper clone from a local town near me. The guy selling it wanted $500 for it which was cheap however I was able to get it for only $350.

What I was able to do with this tiny camper using nothing more than my time and some over the counter Menards outdoor paint is nothing short of incredible. Take a look at the gallery posted below and you will find before and after pictures of this camper project.

Shortly after finishing this camper I was able to sell it for $2,000 cash approximately one month after I started painting it.

How I Installed KC Style LED Lights On My F-150

So I decided to install some old school style KC type lights on my 2008 Ford F-150 XLT.

These ones are old school with a modern twist as they use LEDs for the lights.

Smith & Wesson M&P 9c







So I added another firearm to my collection. It is a Smith & Wesson M&P 9C. This little firearm is a fantastic shooter. It has very little felt recoil and feels very similar in your hand to a Glock.


Ruger LC9s Pro

I have to say this small firearm is incredible. It’s light weight and easy to carry. It shoots very nice with very little felt recoil. The new designed trigger by Ruger makes it truly a joy to hold, carry and shoot.

UpDate: Steering Shaft Loose

So I got the steering shaft installed by the repair shop. I guess some things you just can’t go cheap. After spending only $30 dollars with free shipping on this after market steering shaft (eBay) turns out there is about a quarter inch of play in the steering wheel now. Enough to feel dangerous.

The cheapest OEM replacement I could find is on eBay but its $259.00 with free shipping. After searching the inter webs there are several posts from others that installed after market steering shafts and have the exact same problem with excessive play in the steering wheel.

Replaced Lower Steering Shaft Coupler

Since I bought the truck the steering was very, very stiff. By that I mean that the steering wheel was very hard to steer to the point that when you would turn a corner normally the wheel comes back around to you and goes straight.

This truck when you finish making your turn you would have to manually turn the steering wheel in the straight direction you want to go.


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