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Welcome To Larry J. Lawrence!

Here you will find different projects that I work on from time to time. Some you may find interesting and some maybe not so much. Either way please take your time and look around. You never know when something might peak your interest.


Larry J. Lawrence

20 Inch Wheels And Tires

I finally got the 20″ wheels I wanted for the truck. I got them from a guy here locally that had them on a special edition 2008 F150 Fx2. The truck he said was from Nevada and it was in perfect condition inside and out. The reason he was willing to sell the original wheels is because he went with after market wheels (24″)

Round 4″ Off Road Led Lights

I just ordered a pair of these round off road led lights for the front of my truck. I plan to mount them to the push bar and wire them into the lower fog or running lights.

Avenue Wheels 20″ With 33″ Tires

I am looking at these 20″ Avenue Wheels with 33″ tires. I found them on CraigsList for my local area and called the guy.

Removed Fender Flares

I removed the fender flares again until I can get some bigger larger tires for the truck.

Removing Running Boards On 2008 Ford F150 XLT

Here are some pics of the truck shortly after removing the factory running boards.

Bullet Grill LEDS

I finally got my LEDS installed into my truck grill. Got them wired into the running lights so that when the parking light or headlight are on these are on also.

Ford Trucks And OffSet Rims

I love looking at the different Ford Trucks with the different sizes and styles of rims and tires. Custom Offset website provides and nice gallery of trucks with almost every kind and type of wheels made. Nice part is you can search for you make or model of vehicle just to see what your truck could look like with certain wheels installed on it.

Installing Bullet Style Fender Flares

So I found these fender flares on ebay. They were cheap and to my surprise they actually looked good considering they were about $300 cheaper then the “name brand” ones.

The clips that came with the flares were basically junk and I ended up using stainless steel self tapping screws and washers. The underside lip of the fenders on these Ford trucks is very narrow and you don’t have much room to attach much of anything.


Push Bar Installed

Installed a push bar on the truck today. Of course nothing went as it should have…

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